Brief blog spot; more extended writing may occur later. Landed in Delhi around 10:30 pm local time for a layover; final leg to Ahmedabad will occur tomorrow morning 6:30 am. When I began the journey in Orlando, Air Canada staff said I would get the final ticket for that last leg in Delhi. They did not tell me that the Air Canada ticket counter would be closed at that time, and that Air Canada would not actually fly that last leg itself because it wasn’t a domestic airline. Folks wearing military uniforms at various access points into airport waiting lounges were not helpful; I was eventually shunted back out to the open area outside protected airport areas.

A young man, nicely dressed in a dark suit made himself available; his name is Shgam;  pronounced “cheom”. He explained that a local domestic airline would actually take me to Ahmedabad; I explained that I had to talk with Air Canada first since (1) my flights are all paid for through Air Canada and (2) I have three suitcases sitting somewhere in Air Canada land. I have a tracking device called Trakdot in one of the suitcases; the trakdot app shows that the suitcase is in the airport – so at least one of the the suitcases is where it is supposed to be.
Shgam set me up at a nearby hotel where I am writing at the moment. I’ll be heading back to the airport at 3 am when, presumably, the Air Canada counter will be open.