Mubina's brother Soocter 2A lot of good things have happened in the month since my last post. I have made wonderful new friends here in Ahmedabad and I have learned to become fairly independent making my way around the city on my own. Since most auto rickshaw drivers do not speak English, often this requires that I email a map to myself of my destination so that I can show the auto rickshaw drivers where I want to go. Sometimes they look at the map on my phone, nod yes and after a few moments of driving, stop someplace where they can ask someone else how to get to the place I want to go.

Mubina's brother's family - heading out on the motorscooterOne of my best resources here has been the website (CS). On CS, members contact other members to see if they have room available for a traveler to stay for a couple of nights. More than just lodging, the membership is a very supportive resource for suggestions on what to do (and not to do) in their city, and often they are willing to get together with travelers to act as local guides or to just sit and enjoy coffee and discussions together. One of my CS friends, Mubina Quereshi, looked at my website on predatory leadership (PL) and introduced me to the director of an academic conference on literature, culture and world peace that will be held at the end of September. The director, Dr. Sudhir Nikam, invited to me deliver a lecture at the conference on the impact of PL on the topics of the conference. I’ve been writing and rewriting that lecture ever since.